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Geothermal Solutions

Atlas Offers Affordable Direct Exchange (DX) Geothermal Solutions

Geothermal 30% Tax Credits Reinstated in 2018

No matter where you live, the underground temperature remains relatively constant all year, even though outdoor temperatures may vary widely. Geothermal systems utilize this stable resource as a renewable energy source for your home.

Geothermal Heat Pumps = No Outside Unit = Lower Energy Bill

A direct exchange (DX) geothermal heat pump system is a geothermal heat pump system in which the refrigerant circulates through copper tubing placed in the ground. The refrigerant exchanges heat directly with the soil through the walls of the copper tubing. This eliminates the plastic water pipe and water pump to circulate water found in a water-source geothermal heat pump. This simplicity allows the system to reach high efficiencies while using a relatively shorter and smaller set of buried tubing, reducing installation cost. DX systems, like water-source systems, can also be used to heat water in the house for use in radiant heating applications and for domestic hot water, as well as for cooling applications.

Because of their small earth loop size, DX systems can be installed in relatively small areas and in relatively shallow soil. This provides a flexibility of installation that is useful in allowing many properties to be served by geothermal that could not be served otherwise. A direct exchange system ground loop can be drilled with a small drill rig that can fit into small side yards and gardens under existing trees. It can be drilled in areas where rock is found 50 foot (15 m) to 100 foot (30 m) below ground without the need for actually drilling into rock.

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What sets direct-exchange systems apart from other geothermal systems is the fact that only one transfer is required for heat exchange, compared to the two steps required in water-based systems. In direct-exchange systems, the refrigerant is distributed through copper tube, which is in direct contact with the earth heat source for effective thermal transfer. Water-based systems rely on two transfer stages, requiring about twice as much energy, as well as a circulating pump, which is not necessary for direct-exchange systems.

The copper tube used in direct-exchange systems is an excellent heat conductor—much more efficient than the plastic tubes used in water-based systems. This conductivity enables copper systems to work more efficiently with smaller-diameter tubes than those used in plastic systems, so bore holes are smaller, reducing excavation and installation costs.

Tax Rebates. Lasts twice as long! = Go Green & Save Money

Geothermal energy is a type of renewable energy that encourages conservation of natural resources. According to the U.S. Environmental Agency, a typical homeowner can save in the range of $600 to $1,200 annually (actual savings vary depending on usage, weather and local utility rates) with the installation of a geothermal system. How? The use of geothermal loops allow geothermal units to use only a relatively small amount of electricity. The unit merely transfers heat to and from the earth, rather than creating it from fossil sources like conventional systems. With geothermal you will enjoy savings up to 60% over conventional systems, and a short investment payback.

Some utilities offer special, lower winter rates for geothermal customers, offering even more savings. And, it looks like the Federal Government will extend the Recovery Tax Act Helping Homeowners Winterize their Homes.

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