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Buying HVAC units on line!!

Had a gentleman walk in my shop the other day requesting a free estimate to install an Amana/Goodman 90,000 BTU 95% AFUE gas furnace.

I quickly told him 'no problem' as we have that exact unit in stock and could install it the next morning. He said 'that's great' but he had already purchased a furnace from a DIY site online so he only needs us to do the install. Unfortunately, I had to respectfully decline the job for several reasons:

  1. Atlas L.C., as well as most other authorized dealers, will not install equipment purchased elsewhere.
  2. He mentioned his house was only 900 sf., which is too small a space for the size furnace he purchased.
  3. The system would short cycle and surely die an early death and would not be covered under warranty.

Amana/Goodman is very sneaky in this way as they will allow their units to be sold on the web. However, the warranty is void on all online purchases. See

You will most likely NOT see this information listed on any of the internet sales sites for obvious reasons.